Friday, September 2, 2011

New AD (acquisition disorder=:-)

I'm starting to collect vintage fountain pens, but really, I don't know how far I'll get with it.  The two on the left are both Parker 51's...the black bodied pen is a 1949 and the grayish one in the middle is a first year aerometric 1948 demi.  the pen on the right with the large wide chrome clutch ring is brand spanking new, and only $20 at that...a Platinum (Japan) Plaisir which writes very well.  Also seen in this pic is a bottle of Noodler's 5 o'clock Shadow fountian pen ink, a filled ink cartridge and a converter for the Plaisir so I can fill this pen with ink of my choise.  The converter is a piston actuated.  You dip the nib in the ink, twist the top on the converter and it draws ink into the pen

The Platinum pen/conveter and ink all came for a group buy through the badger and blade forum, and this is what led me to buy from the wild...the two Parker 51's, found on the bay'.  BTW, after some general soaking, the 48' demi once flushed and filled writes extremely well.  The 49' still has some clogging issues I need to work out.  I tried soaking it in a strong ammonia water solution for 48 hours but it still writes faintly

And here is my latest fountain pen addition-
This is an Esterbrook J series...I'm not sure of the year but it's safe to say it's 60 + years old anyways.  It just found it's way to me via my mailbox.  I bought it from an Estie fan on the Fountain Pen Network website.  Before sending to me he thoroughly cleaned it and fitted a new sac.  I've yet to ink it

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shakin_jake said...

The Esterbrook pen in the photo was manufactured 1947 through 1955