Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet Ben!

Ben is the newest addition to our family.  I picked him up 2 weeks ago and at that time he was 9 weeks old.  Ben is a Rottweiler (natch=:-), a male, the breeder Von Evman-Land O Lakes Fla. breeds German blood lines

Ben is my boy!  FWIW, we've kept rotties since 1985.  They are a demanding breed but the love they return is immeasureable



oboerista said...

He's a real cutie! I'd love to see some follow-up photos to see him grow!


shakin_jake said...

Hi David, Funny you mentioned this...I was just thinking about posting a couple of recent pics Helen took of him and our 1 year old female rottie...but the one pic would display better if I could zoom in and get rid of the back ground. Are you up to tutoring me?