Friday, September 2, 2011

New AD (acquisition disorder=:-)

I'm starting to collect vintage fountain pens, but really, I don't know how far I'll get with it.  The two on the left are both Parker 51's...the black bodied pen is a 1949 and the grayish one in the middle is a first year aerometric 1948 demi.  the pen on the right with the large wide chrome clutch ring is brand spanking new, and only $20 at that...a Platinum (Japan) Plaisir which writes very well.  Also seen in this pic is a bottle of Noodler's 5 o'clock Shadow fountian pen ink, a filled ink cartridge and a converter for the Plaisir so I can fill this pen with ink of my choise.  The converter is a piston actuated.  You dip the nib in the ink, twist the top on the converter and it draws ink into the pen

The Platinum pen/conveter and ink all came for a group buy through the badger and blade forum, and this is what led me to buy from the wild...the two Parker 51's, found on the bay'.  BTW, after some general soaking, the 48' demi once flushed and filled writes extremely well.  The 49' still has some clogging issues I need to work out.  I tried soaking it in a strong ammonia water solution for 48 hours but it still writes faintly

And here is my latest fountain pen addition-
This is an Esterbrook J series...I'm not sure of the year but it's safe to say it's 60 + years old anyways.  It just found it's way to me via my mailbox.  I bought it from an Estie fan on the Fountain Pen Network website.  Before sending to me he thoroughly cleaned it and fitted a new sac.  I've yet to ink it

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jake Is Wet Shaving

What is wet shaving?  Unlike shaving using a disposable cartridge and shave cream from a pressurized can, wet shaving utilizes a shave brush that you load with shave cream or soap from a tube of shave cream or from a container of shave soap, like this brush here-
The cream you see on the brush was built from a bar of shaving soap...this bar here

To get the bar soap to produce the cream or lather you see on the brush you soak the brush in water for a bit so the brush hairs absorb moisture then you go about working the brush on the soap's surface, then I transferred the soap to my face and used the brush to create a lather you see on my face here-
Then the brush is worked on your face with swirling motions which creates a lather.  This technique is what is known as face lathering.  The bowl in the first photo is called a scuttle and you can work your loaded brush in the scuttle to create a lather then transfer to your face.  Another lathering technique involves the use of your free hand and is called palm lathering.  Yep!, you guessed it, you create the lather in your palm.  I'm right handed so I would use my left palm to work up the lather holding the brush in my right hand but most that do not use a mug or a scuttle to build lather in will use the face lathering technique. 

Most wet shavers use a DE (double edge) razor or a straight razor to shave with.  Here's a couple of DE razors in a bowl with some shaving soap-
Both of these razors are manufactured by Gillette and both are Gillette's Ball End Tech razor...the shorter of the two is a travel tech ... both were built in the early 60's

This is one of my straight razors-
Wet shavers prefer to use a DE or a straight razor instead of a cartridge razor for various reasons.  Some will cite cost as the reason they use a DE razor as DE razor blades can be had for as little a 9 cents a piece and can last for as many as 5 or 6 shaves, depending on the shaver and his beard type.  Compare that cost to a modern multi blade cartridge that will routinely sell for upwards of $3 and the attraction of using a DE to shave with is apparent

The straight razor on the other hand is a bit more expensive.  New straight razors from a quality straight razor manufacturer will start at $65 and go up from there.  The attraction of a straight razor is many things,  It's very old school, not easy to learn (DE are easy to learn), once mastered, the resulting shave is incredibly close.  There's nothing else like it

Monday, January 24, 2011

Here's What's New With Jake

Haven't updated my blog in a while so I thought I'd start with my gout troubles.  I've had gouty arthritis issues for the past 3 months and quite often during this time I've had to rely on this pair of crutches to get around.  We're trying to figure this thing out and see a light at the end of the tunnel=:-)

For those that don't know, I bought a KTM 950A 3rd hand last July.  here's a pic-
Ain't she purdy?=:-)  I found her through the ADV Rider Forums flea market.  The bike was located in Baltimore MD.  She wasn't roadworthy as the starter torque limiter worked intermittently and the rear tire was bald so I thought it best to ride up there in my van to fetch.  So much for a fly n' ride
Here's a pic of the two starter torque limiters
Bad one is on the left, the new updated style on the right
I had to pull the left side fuel tank to get at removing the generator cover where this piece resides
No biggie.  All the parts I had to get to were right under the gen cover

Here's the new rear tire I installed

A Mefo Super Explorer.  Eventually I installed this Pirelli Rally front tire

Here it is on the bike

Also installed a new drive chain and new front and rear sprockets

More to come=:-)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Ben Pics!

He's getting bigger!  Seen here with our one year old female Rott Bear, Ben and Bear have a blast playing together

Time out for a little rest

It was hot out so the dogs decided to cool off in the pond with some of our tortoises

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet Ben!

Ben is the newest addition to our family.  I picked him up 2 weeks ago and at that time he was 9 weeks old.  Ben is a Rottweiler (natch=:-), a male, the breeder Von Evman-Land O Lakes Fla. breeds German blood lines

Ben is my boy!  FWIW, we've kept rotties since 1985.  They are a demanding breed but the love they return is immeasureable


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mare And Her Foal

My neighbor to the east is a Horseman and specializes in foaling Mares.  A lot of horse breeders don't want to attend to all that's involved in their mare's delivering, so they leave it to a Pro, like my neighbor Will.  I've been wanting to take some pics of his mares since they gave birth but just finally got around to it a week or so ago.  What follows are some of the pics I took

Horses grazing

Looking at this young horse's back, it's damp with fresh rain

Why is he taking pictures of us?

Guess I scared them away=:-)

Young horse's life


Saturday, May 1, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Ocala National Forest, a mere 30 smiles east of my home.  Plenty of riding to do here!

This is one of the grassier trails I've found

Ol' Tom struting his stuff!  Kinda hard to see, I was about 200 yards away, zoomed in best I could

A sandy portion, I love riding in the loose stuff, at my own speed.  Trails like this, and this one got tighter, I stay in 2nd gear as it wound left right, back and forth

Yours Truly!!!